Albert Levy

My name is Albert Levy. I’m married to Dr. Yael Levy. I’m a father of 4 (Dona, David, Lea and Anna) and grandfather of Melody, Nathan and Taï.

I grew up in Morroco, a Muslim country. When I was 17, we moved to France.

I made aliyah with my family in 1994. We settled in Herzliyah, and I’ve been living in our proud homeland ever since.

My professional background

I hold a degree in Political Science from the ESSEC Business School and a Master’s in Economics.

I have established companies and conducted business in the import/export, IT, corporate real estate and financial investment sectors.

I have also worked as the head of an environmental protection company. All this – in five different countries, across three continents.

My story

My aliyah in 1994, to Herzliya…

I’ve always dreamed of making aliyah. In 1994, together with my family, I made the dream come true. We settled in Herzliyah, and I’ve been living in our proud homeland ever since.

Sponsor and activist for environmental protection.

I help sponsor and actively contribute to various organizations, including Qualita, which promotes the integration of olim from France and Shomrei Habait, which fights for environmental protection.

Now, I want to see Israel become an even bigger success under a government that works in the interest of the country and of the Jewish people.

Member of Zehut

That’s why, in 2015, I joined Zehut, the party founded and led by Moshe Feiglin, former member and Vice-President of the Knesset. Today, I’m running as a candidate in the party’s open primaries. The open primaries allow each and every Israeli voter to help put together the Zehut list for the 21st Knesset.

“will contribute to the State of Israel in several areas, including international relations, diplomacy and public relations, the economy, the environment, Aliyah and the integration of olim.”

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