The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

In 2015, I joined the Zehut party, founded and led by Moshe Feiglin, former member and Vice-President of the Knesset. Finally, here was an alternative – a good and righteous path established around the principles of genuine freedom and harmony with our identity.

The elections will be taking place on January 29, 2019


A policy of truth

Policy-making in our country should be based on the fundamental truth that all of the Land of Israel belongs to the entire Jewish people. The heart of this land is Jerusalem.

And the heart of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount. There is no such national identity as Palestinian, and there never has been. The State of Israel must enforce its sovereignty throughout all the Land of Israel and immediately cancel the blood-stained tragedy known as the Oslo Accords.

Loyalty to our nation

The State of Israel must ensure the loyalty of her citizens and representatives in the Knesset. Anyone who serves their country, at least by way of civil service, and who pays all their taxes, including Arnona, has thus proven their loyalty to Israel – the country whose flag is a tallit with a star of David and whose hymn is HaTikvah.

Otherwise, they should not have the right to vote.

Aliya and integration

The only way to really deal with the problems of Alya and integration is with a completely new policy – one which is adapted to the current situation and takes into account the issue of globalization.

A free market economy

Israel urgently needs to establish a truly free economy, unfettered by needless red tape and unimpeded by current monopolies, cartels and collusionary practices. In particular, we need to reduce or eliminate customs duties and certain taxes. We need to close the “Machon Hatkanim” (the “Standards Institution,”) which hampers international trade and industry in Israel.

All these factors only serve to exacerbate the outrageously high cost of living in our country. We also need to close the bureaucratic monstrosity that is the Israeli Land Authority (Minhal Mekarka’ei Israel) and give the land of Israel back to the people of Israel.

This agency is a haven for corruption and is one of the major contributors to the housing crisis.

Environmental protection

In Israel, we’ve been neglecting issues related to our environment and quality of life, and it’s time to do something about it.

For example, we need to relocate the Leviathan gas platform.

There’s also no reason to continue to tolerate the heavy pollution that makes its way daily into Israel from “Palestinian”-Authority-controlled Judea and Samaria and Hamas-controlled Gaza.

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