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With all the recent commotion around the Nation-State Law, some people are wondering – why do we need it at all?
In fact, there are many people, even among supporters of the law, who believe that it merely states the obvious. Doesn’t the flag of Israel have a star of David on it? Isn’t our state emblem the menorah?

The deadly proximity of the Leviathan gas platform

The offshore processing plant, as currently planned, has potentially dire health and ecological consequences. Since 2013, Israel has had an active natural-gas extraction platform, Tamar, located about 23 kilometers off the coast of Ashkelon. More are planned to...

Kishinev pogroms in, Farhud carnage out

I am amazed every time anew when I speak with an Israeli intellectual who tells me “Jews received very good treatment in Arab states, they were well off there.” This statement does not at all reflect the historical reality of Arab states that had significant Jewish...

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